Massage Therapy Treatments

Relieve stress and renew strength with total relaxation from head to toe.

Bergamos uses the most extensive collection of high-tech, high-touch Gharieni spa equipment built in Germany, available in the United States.  Gharieni tables are fully adjustable and have four quiet electric motors, allowing maximum comfort and helping guests get on/off the table.  Tables can be positioned during your treatment providing greater access to muscle groups by your therapist.  Zero gravity position can be activated, raising your torso and legs, leaving the body shaped like a "V".  Laying on a zero-gravity table distributes your body weight evenly, preventing pressure build-up on one body part.  The benefits of zero-gravity can relieve pain, enhance digestion and improve blood circulation, to name just a few.  The adjustability of our tables is excellent for guests with mobility issues, especially with our fully rotating and lower-able armrest.  Our treatment tables use three internal heaters at the head, torso, and feet, keeping you at your ideal temperature.
Massage rooms equipment includes the following massage methods:  

  • Heated Himalayan Hot Stones - naturally anti-bacterial and rich in more than 80 minerals & elements
  • Heated Quartz Sand Poultice Stamps - allows for targeted temperature stimulation & reflex zones having a relaxing effect on joints & muscles
  • Cupping - special cups creating suction to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation & well-being
  • Weighted Buckwheat pillows - gentle compression that relaxes muscles & soothes pain
  • Aromatherapy - when applied to the skin, it offers pain relief and mental relaxation

Unique to the spa industry, Bergamos designed private couples suites that offer guests a unique experience for two in the same room at the same time.  Our suites are used exclusively for our Duo treatments.

Wellness 360, your mind at ease... your body at rest

Relaxation is part physical and part mental.  Connect with our most advanced ways to exercise your mind and have 360 of calm.  Complete your wellness 360 journey with the complimentary use of our Therme' Circuit before and after your treatments.  The Therme' Circuit includes using our well-appointed & luxurious private changing rooms, plush robes, slippers, Aroma Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Heated Therapy Pool (with bubbling jets on zero-gravity seats and a swan neck water jet for the ultimate in relaxation).